Do you also want to make a business?


The ambition of making our own business is the dream of this century and of my generation. The main question that runs through our brain is:

How can I do something of my own?

Young people are very happiness-oriented nowadays … and they understand happiness as the freedom to work in something that gives them pleasure, that brings them further as an individual and that offers them the oportunity to learn continuously even from their own struggle and mistakes.

Long story short: I am one of them, I live in Germany and I decided to inform myself regarding entrepreneurship possibilities and support from the state.

In my search I came many times across the word Existenzgründung that translates in english to business start-up. Yesterday I attended an exhibition organized by the IHK (Industrie- und Handelskammer) in Münich. Here you can read more about it There are many such exhibitions under different names in many cities around Germany. You just have to search for Gründermesse (Entrepreneur Fair).

Except of the many seminars and workshops held by different institutions of the state, banks, private companies and even universities there were also people which succeded in beeing self-employed and creating a business and wanted to share their experience. Actually all the 7 entreprenours that I met yesterday were women! Some of them realized even with 40 that their work in a company doesn’t offer them enough satisfaction anymore and they want to pursue a dream that was at the beginning only a hobby. It sounds easy but in reality it takes years to find out what we are good at and what is the need on the market that we can fulfill with our talents.

The most important conclusions that I reached yesterday and I want to share with you are:

♠ Information is power  – only like that you can put the puzzle together and understand how things work

♥ Get connected and stay in touch with people that share the same interests with you. They are the means to get information and even voluntary help.

One of the women entrepreneur presented us her “FrühstücksSalon” where people can meet and share ideeas over a cup of coffee. If you live in Wiesbaden is probably a good oportunity.