Where to study german in München


I have some experience with different courses in Germany and I want to share it with you. It may help.

1. Goethe Institut – probably best known, not only in Germany but also international. Located at the moment (till beginning of 2017) in the München downtown, easy to reach by foot from Sendlinger Tor or Karlsplatz (Stachus).

Offers mainly good quality of courses (depends also on your luck what teacher you get) but a little too expensive. For example an evening course (Abendkurs) costs around 700€. Some teachers prefer to work with a book, others more old style with papers made by themselves. I prefer this handouts to books because they concentrate on the essentials and are more easy to read after some time for a recap.

2. DKFA – Deutsch Kurse für Ausländer

are courses offered by LMU (Ludwig Maximilian Universität) and I find them the best deal. They are very good and cheaper than others. There are so many courses to choose from that is difficult to give an average price of a course. Check it out here better. The courses are intended for people who want to study in german and need a certificate. That’s why I found the level of the people attending classes very good. Most of them are preparing an exam and are interested to learn quick and efficient. All teachers work with papers (no books) and the quality of the handouts is very good.

3. Volkshochschule

They offer different courses including Integration courses and even a bairisch course. Prices are decent. Around 300€ pro course.

This is all what I experimented until now and, as I said, from all of them I would recommend the ones in DKFA because of the quality/price ratio.

Whatever you choose you can actually not be wrong. If you want to learn german you are already in the right place.

Good luck!