How I started learning german



Around 9 years ago (I can’t believe it passed so quick) my mom thought english is not enough anymore. Why? – Because everybody knows it. Not enough for what? – For being competitive on the job market.

Looking back, that didn’t get me a new job, that got me a whole new life! When I started the german courses it was as a hobby. I found it an interesting language and I felt an attraction for it. I never ever did it for a purpose. I never thought will help me somehow. I never expected I will come to live in Germany.

But let me tell you how it all began. In my (I think) 2nd year of university I registered to Schiller Institute in Bucharest for a german course of 1,5 h per week. Schiller was the cheaper and not so pretentious “brother” of Goethe Institute. The first meeting with our teacher was a shock. A woman entered the room talking “chinese”. I could not understand a word, obviously! and I could not imagine why she talks to us if is clearly we can not understand. We were all in level 0. She presented herself. Then followed more german phrases, and more, and more… and our brain was trying to understand what he had no chance to understand. It was a challenge! A language that didn’t resemble anything I have ever heard before.

Approximately 2 years later I saw in Schiller Institute an ad about studying in Germany. I applyed and was accepted for a Master of Engineering in FH Rosenheim. The rest is history.

Rosenheim means “home of the roses”. Is a city 52 km away from Munich and 90 km from Salzburg (in Austria).

(das) Heim = home

(die) Rose, Pl. (die) Rosen = rose

FH (Abkürzung = Abbreviation) = Fachhochschule = University of Applied Sciences

This are some pictures I took those days in University, in the surroundings of Rosenheim.




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(Does someone recognize himself in this picture?!)

So the persian proverb that says “A new language is a new life” really applies to me.

Do you also believe that?