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The german drama film at its best


There are some things in life for which you feel that words are too small.

Can you describe love in words?

Can you describe a song that touches your heart? A book that changes the way you see the world? A movie that makes you cry?

No… you have to feel it, to hear it, to see it. And then you will understand.

If you are in the mood for a german movie:

Das Leben der Anderen

What a great actor Ulrich Mühe.


Erbsen auf halb 6


I want to recommend you this great movie.


First time I saw a german movie I had no great expectations. Germans are well known for punctuality, precision, beer, sausages…but not for movies. Well…surprize! The first movie I liked a lot, the second one also and so on. All the german movies have an emotional depth and a sensibility that impressed me.

Erbsen auf halb 6 (Peas at 5:30) is one of my favourites. The subject is sad but the movie is funny, captivating and well played. It’s actually a comedy that tells the story of Jakob, a young film director that loses his sight in an accident. But despite the tragedy of the situation good things also come along. He finds the love of his life and begins to “see” things different using other senses.

                                                                ErbsenAufHalbSechs(The wonderful story of a blind love)