Hey there,

we’re Catalina and Javier or the tutorial girl and the backup boy. He says I like to see tutorials (on any theme) and I think he likes to make backups of the things on his PC…maybe too often.

I come from Romania and he comes from Colombia. And we met in the middle, in Germany. And there was Love Love Love…

We are multilingual – we speak german, english, spanish, romanian, and in the last time also french. Oh, our poor kids (when they will appear)…will have a difficult start in life.

Hope you have fun reading our posts!


  1. Bonitas notas, seguiremos el tutorial, esperamos perder el temor de leer aleman, gracias por dedicar su tiempo y esfuerzo por todos nosotros.

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  2. This is amazing…. Congratulations @Great website Cata. This is Karen Angel, the Colombian cousin in @Atlanta-GA. Hope to meet you at some point in life!!!


    1. Hi Karen, nice to meet you! Soon we will be in New York for 3 weeks but I don’t think we will reach Atlanta. But for sure we will meet at some point. You are welcome in Germany!


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