Have you ever heard this word? If you live in Bavaria (Bayern) almost sure you did.

(das) Wandern = hiking

With the Alps so close there is no wonder germans love it. There is even a research that showed hiking makes you happier, less prone to depresion and obviously healthier.

“Theory is easy but practice kills us” is a romanian saying (Teoria ca teoria dar practica ne omoara). People who know me know I was never a hiker…BUT last Sunday I did it! Yes, I was out there, far away from the city and I said: Yes, nature is amazing!

One and a half hours south of Munich you reach Garmisch-Partenkirchen.


Partnachklamm is an amazing canyon in Garmisch-Partenkirchen. Here you have the official website with infos and pictures. But my pictures made with my phone are much better. They make me remember I was there and beauty is even more stunning in reality then in pictures.

So next time when you are around go see it yourself.

P.S.: Important tip: dont’t forget to take a rain jacket. Water drops from everywhere there.


On the way to the canyon two magnets found their home.




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