Month: June 2016

Surf in München


My dear readers,

maybe the association of the words “surf” and “München” is a little unexpected.

As a tourist in München you have to see this place. Is called Eisbachwelle and is located at the south entrance of Englisher Garten close to a museum called Haus der Kunst.


Let me explain you the name.

(das) Eis = ice

(der) Bach = stream

(die) Welle = wave

As you can notice, a german “word” explains everything. The stream with waves is cold as ice. 🙂

In summer a lot of people gather on the bridge to look at the surfers.

It happened once in February that I was passing by at 8 o´clock in the morning on a working day and there was already a surfer having fun… or suffering in the cold (however you want to put it). For me was cold enough to look at him equipped with winter jacket, scarf and all the heavy clothes I use in winter.



The German Prepositions



Some prepositions force the use of a certain case.

The ones shown above are common prepositions used with dative and/or accusative.

In order to remember them easier there are some short forms.


d – durch

o – ohne

g – gegen

f – für

u – um


g – gegenüber

a – aus

m – mit

b – bei

a – außer

s – seit

Example of prepositions used with accusative and dative:

Ich bin auf der Straße.                Wo bin ich? –> Dative

Ich gehe auf die Straße.              Wohin gehe ich? –> Accusative


Der Käse ist im Kühlschrank.    Wo ist der Käse? –> Dative

Ich stelle der Käse in den Kühlschrank. Wohin stelle ich der Käse? –> Accusative


Example of preposition with dative:

Ich spiele mit dem Ball.    –> mit asks ALWAYS for dative!  NO accusative possible.