German Adjectives


I am proud to present you my new video on Youtube and to start a new chapter of this blog: Grammatik pur!

My purpose is to share with you parts of the german lessons that I had here in Germany and that are extremely preciuous. Over time I got all kind of explanations for all kind of grammar rules. Some were good, some not so good. Slowly I found the ones which best worked for me. And now I’m sharing them with you!

This is the table that I like the most for learning the adjective declination.



die Pistole = gun  (I refer here to the “Pistolen-Regel” which helps you remember the weak ending for the adjectives). As you can notice in the picture, because I was writing very quick, I wrote wrong  “pistole”. It should be written with capital letter (german nouns are witten always with capital letter).

Here you have also a diagram that exaplains the main rule how to understand and remember the table in a logical manner.


And what about analyzing together some phrases that catch my attention every once a while? Grammatik pur is in the air.

Stay tuned!



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