Neuschwanstein Castle


Welcome to the castle that inspired Disney!

In english its name would translate to New Swanstone Castle.

neu = new

(der) Schwan = swan (don’t confuse it with (das) Schwein = pig; especially when pronouncing people have the tendency to make this mistake)

(der) Stein = stone

(das) Schloss = castle (but also lock)

This castle was built under the reign of king Ludwig II of Bavaria and was never finished due to his mysterious death in 1886.

Do you know anything about him? Let me tell you some details that I find very interesting. King Ludwig II was also called the “Märchenkönig” (Fairy Tale King) because he preferred to escape the political life and live in an ideal poetic world. He was the biggest admirer of Richard Wagner that’s why many paintings of the castle feature scenes of the composer’s work. For example, the king’s bedroom is painted with themes from Tristan & Isolde. He was investing a lot of money to build the castle in a time when the society thought that money are needed for solving more important state affairs. This was finally used as a reason to declare him insane and dethrone him. On 12 June 1886 he was transported to Berg Castle on the shores of lake Starnberg, south of Munich. One day later he was found dead in the lake. He left behind some architectural treasures that represent today the most important tourist attractions of Germany. See Schloss Linderhof, Schloss Herrenchiemsee and the Munich Residenz.

Last weekend we made a one-day trip to the castle from Munich and I will first let he pictures speak for themselves.


Travelling by car takes aprox. 2 hours and you get such a great view with the Bavarian Alps and the countryside.


The castle is located in the area of Hohenschwangau close to the city of Füssen and very close to the border with Austria.


Here you have the map of the area around the castle.


That’s me holding the german and the bavarian flags on the way up to the castle. Prepare yourself for walking aprox. 40 min. up the hill to reach the castle.


When you arrive up you are rewarded with such a panorama.


I recommend you to walk 15 more minutes to see the castle from Marienbrücke (die Brücke = bridge). We had bad luck and the bridge was closed until summer for maintenance but there was another spot from where you could see well the castle.

And last but not least, if you want to eat nice pasta & pizza we recommend you from the bottom of our hearts the restaurant Il Pescatore in Füssen. The meal was delicious, the atmosphere relaxed, the wine very good and the staff very friendly.

Kisses and Hugs,

Cata & Javi



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